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1 year ago

Creating the perfect lighting for dressing rooms

Retail stores are constantly trying to increase their conversion rate.  For clothing retail stores, in particular, that conversion point becomes more favorable when the customer enters the dressing room.   Every store is unique; they have their own style and they want their customers to have a specific emotional experience and connection to the brand.  It is so crucial that fitting rooms have the same style and the best possible lighting that accentuates the customers outfit.  Poor lighting can cause the customer to become disinterested in the products and leave the store without making a purchase.  Retailers should aim for lighting that compliments and accessorize the fitting rooms with angled mirrors which will make the customer feel like a model!

1 year ago

Lactation rooms in retail establishments

Owning a business can be a difficult venture, it is very important to not exclude potential customers from your store.   Customers need to feel comfortable in your establishment and feel welcome every time they return.  Just as you are required to have handicap accessible entryways to your building, so should retail businesses consider providing lactating rooms for mothers.   Lactation rooms offer a private space for mothers to comfortably feed their babies or pump milk for later.  Some states, such as California require that if a business makes over $500,000 per year or has over 50 employees, they must provide such a facility.  Regardless of the law, having this in your establishment is asset to you and would greatly benefit mothers who are traveling with infants.  Putting your customers first and making sure that they feel welcome and providing clean facilities that they can privately use, will in turn create loyal customers in the long run.